Monday, May 11, 2015

Poster Evolution Project

Resultado de imagen para Acinonyx KurteniAlmost 5.5 million years ago the great Acinonyx Kurteni lived, a big carnivore animal with strong bones and muscles. Very similar to the Cheetah, bigger muscles big head, jaw and paws to grab their prey stronger and kill them almost inmediately.

The Average Cheetah has changed from the Acinonyx Kurteni by decreasing the muscle and bone volume, the Cheetah now has the ability to run incredible speeds in very short time, now the Cheetah is very agile and has developed more strength on its feet so he can run and catch their prey fast and quickly. It's sight and hearing has increased too because the Cheetah needs to be silent while he gets close to the prey and also needs to see from long distances to see if there are many animals that may defend from his attack.
Resultado de imagen para cheetah
Resultado de imagen para black cheetahThe Cheetah will be all black with no spots, he will develop bigger and stronger claws for climbing steap mountains, he will have better eye sight to look far away for other prey and will change his diet to brown bears that live there and will hunt mostly deers. He will recover some of the volume and strength in his legs for giving strong hits to the prey and getting quickly to it.

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