Monday, April 20, 2015

Evolution terms

Overproduction: When people produce things in excess without people needing a big part of it. Exceeding production. For example when humans produce too much of something when they don't really need all that quantity.

Variation: The process or the act of changing and doing things different, something different from another species or organism.

Adaptation: A process of an organism being changed in different situations to adapt and survive in that environment. Like the cormorat bird that dives into the water in order to get food, he adapted to survive.

Selection: When a species is built perfectly to live and adapt in a certain environment, they have the best body and perks to live there.

Speciation: The starting point when a species evolves and splits to stop reproducing with the other species. Each species takes their own path. For example, when humans evolved from apes and could no longer reproduce with apes.

Isolation: When an animal or thing is Isolated from the rest. Like Galapagos, this Islands where Isolated from the whole world until pirates discovered it, and the species in Galapagos where isolated from many other predators, so they could evolve.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Analysis natural selection

I found out in this experiment that animals don't necessarily survive because they are the strongest species or because they eat any certain food, but they can also die because they may be really unlucky. Like the dinosaurs, they were in the top of the food chain and they got extinct because of a meteorite. In this experiment there were many species of animals that died and very few survived because of their traits, so this species that survived were the ones that made more offspring with the same or some may have evolved with better traits  that will help them survive and keep evolving. Natural Selection acts that way: The best or the luckiest species evolves and becomes better and the other species gets instinct, it no longer exists.