Friday, March 13, 2015

Stem Cells Essay

Stem Cells are unspecialized cells, there are 2 types of  Stem cells, Embryonic and Adult, Embryonic cells are pluripotent, they have the ability to turn in any cell in the body. First the sperm meets the egg, that forms a Zygote and then it forms an embryo and those are the Embryonic stem cells. Adult stem cells are already formed in your body, they can only turn in a certain type of cell not ion every single one, they help all your body whem it is damaged.

People think that the Scientists research about the Stem Cells is killing babies because it consists on gathering  Embryonic Stem Cells to continue the research on what they are capable of doing, but to get this cells Scientistst must destroy the embryo to get them. There is another way of using Stem cells for their research that would be combining Induced Pluripotent stem cells with Adult Stem Cells, which makes Adult stem cells behave as Embryonic stem cells, this research would help on getting the Ethical dilemma out of the way.

In my opinion, Scientists should keep on resarching this, because this could change people's lifes, this discovery can cure countless diseases and recreate people's fingers and even arms, for example on 4 weeks if somebody chops a finger a doctor can inject Stem cells so that this cells act as the cells needed in that part of the body and they can regrow back, and not only this, with more research they could also cure Cancer and other complicated diseases that doctors would need help on. 

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