Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chromosome mutations

1: How can mutations affect us as humans?
Some people may be affected by mutations and the results may be good, bad or it won't change anything but humans may be affected because if someone gets a negative mutation and it affects his system and he passes it to his children and family, that negative mutation could keep on passing through generations, another example would be if any person gets a positive mutation and it creates some sort of immunity or protection against some diseases, this mutation would keep on passing through those family's genes and it would make the society healthier and better equiped to survive. There are many other examples of genetic mutations be good or bad. There are many mutations that affect humans in physical and internal ways but I think that this kinds of mutations build some genes stronger so we could be better prepared and less harmed in the future.

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  1. Great answer! I really see that you understand what's going on.

    To make your answer stronger you could have researched a disorder and included it.