Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Symbiosis explanation

Symbiosis is the relationship between different species, this relationship has three different types.Mutualism, Commensalism, Parasitism. For example the Bee needs the plants for Nectar and then they transport the Polen without even knowing and when it transports it the plants start to reproduce and that's why there are many different species of plants, and that's Mutualism where the two species benefits from each other. Commensalism is when one specie benefits from the other specie but the other one doesn't receive any benefit. For example the shark and the remora, The remora is benefitted with food and transportation/protection, and the shark is being cleaned by the remora because the remora removes food wastes and paracites. Parasitism happens in the case of the Mosquitoe and the Human, the mosquitoe needs food for energy and survival, so the mosquitoe flies searching for good blood, then the mosquitoe takes the blood from the human. The mosquitoe gets the energy while the Human could catch deseases from the mosquitoe.

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