Friday, October 24, 2014

Summative Summary Questions

1: Using an example, describe why a population could not increase for ever.

A population is unable to increase for ever because there are many fenomenons in nature mostly deseases that evolve and start killing many humans and the population decreases a lot. Also deseases that we cause ourselves by not eating the right thing or we eat a lot, and that food we don't even for our bodies.

2: What are 2 factors that determine whether a population increases or decreases. (Use each factor in a one-sentence example)

Populations can increase because the animal population that they eat start increasing, then they hunt them a lot, start feeding themselves and they can survive for a long time while they have more and more babies.

3: Give a reason why the Human population of Earth has continued to increase so much for the past hundred years?

Human population has increased a lot because humans have plenty of good resources to survive, and we keep consuming and consuming, and the population starts increasing and we start consuming more. But we are harming the world and that's were we live, if we don't take care of our families there will be many deaths by polution, and the world will damage and will die.

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