Friday, October 3, 2014

Discussion Questions

1: Why do we (as scientists) build food webs?

Scientists build food webs for understanding how animals survive eating other animals. They need this for the organization and having a good procedure in the food chain and how do the animals get energy with their environment.

2: Give an example of how one change might affect many other parts of an ecosystem.

Animals eat other animals to survive and coexist with each other. If one animal goes extinct, then the predator of that animal will starve and won't have much to eat. For example: The Owl eats Rats, so if humans start hunting rats or mice the owls won't have nothing to eat and they will eventually die, and then the predator of the Owls will also die and this repetitive chain goes on.

3: Give an example of how one change in La Quebrada might affect the rest of the ecosystem.

La Quebrada is a place with a lot of nature and living things. If one person goes, destroys it and then builds upon it, many different species would die. The ecosystem will be harmed and that space that was one of the most living places on our school will be gone. Not so much clean air for us and many other rewarding things nature can give us will be gone.

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