Friday, September 12, 2014

La Quebrada essay

My group went up to La Quebrada and recorded information about plants, animals and our ecosystem in general with the purpose of taking care of all the species of living things in La Quebrada plus stopping people from building things that would destroy it. This information has the different species of small plants, trees and animals.
They walked up there to study all living things in La Quebrada, they made a Quadrat for counting how many plants are in that specific space. They graphed the common names and the scientific names of the plants, illustrated them graphed the abundance, the area of the Quadrat in m2 and the population density.
If there is a company or an individual person trying to start building there, it could kill thousands of species of animals and plants. That would destroy the sacred ecosystem that has La Quebrada to offer us.

In Table 1: They did a Quadrat for numerating the plants of that zone of the ground and to graph the types of plants that where there.

In Table 2: The tree analysis Quadrat, they used the height gauge to measure the trees in the Quadrat and record it in the table with abundance and the circumference of the tree.

Table 3: Percentage of dominant plants in each Quadrat and recorded the amount of the dominant specie of plants in there.

Table 4: Animal descriptions, My group saw spiders and ants, spiders interact with the trees, they build their home and the spider webs to grab their food for their living and sustainability.

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  1. You never said why the creek is important or how it would affect everyone in Bogota if it disappeared.