Friday, October 24, 2014

Summative Summary Questions

1: Using an example, describe why a population could not increase for ever.

A population is unable to increase for ever because there are many fenomenons in nature mostly deseases that evolve and start killing many humans and the population decreases a lot. Also deseases that we cause ourselves by not eating the right thing or we eat a lot, and that food we don't even for our bodies.

2: What are 2 factors that determine whether a population increases or decreases. (Use each factor in a one-sentence example)

Populations can increase because the animal population that they eat start increasing, then they hunt them a lot, start feeding themselves and they can survive for a long time while they have more and more babies.

3: Give a reason why the Human population of Earth has continued to increase so much for the past hundred years?

Human population has increased a lot because humans have plenty of good resources to survive, and we keep consuming and consuming, and the population starts increasing and we start consuming more. But we are harming the world and that's were we live, if we don't take care of our families there will be many deaths by polution, and the world will damage and will die.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Symbiosis explanation

Symbiosis is the relationship between different species, this relationship has three different types.Mutualism, Commensalism, Parasitism. For example the Bee needs the plants for Nectar and then they transport the Polen without even knowing and when it transports it the plants start to reproduce and that's why there are many different species of plants, and that's Mutualism where the two species benefits from each other. Commensalism is when one specie benefits from the other specie but the other one doesn't receive any benefit. For example the shark and the remora, The remora is benefitted with food and transportation/protection, and the shark is being cleaned by the remora because the remora removes food wastes and paracites. Parasitism happens in the case of the Mosquitoe and the Human, the mosquitoe needs food for energy and survival, so the mosquitoe flies searching for good blood, then the mosquitoe takes the blood from the human. The mosquitoe gets the energy while the Human could catch deseases from the mosquitoe.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Discussion Questions

1: Why do we (as scientists) build food webs?

Scientists build food webs for understanding how animals survive eating other animals. They need this for the organization and having a good procedure in the food chain and how do the animals get energy with their environment.

2: Give an example of how one change might affect many other parts of an ecosystem.

Animals eat other animals to survive and coexist with each other. If one animal goes extinct, then the predator of that animal will starve and won't have much to eat. For example: The Owl eats Rats, so if humans start hunting rats or mice the owls won't have nothing to eat and they will eventually die, and then the predator of the Owls will also die and this repetitive chain goes on.

3: Give an example of how one change in La Quebrada might affect the rest of the ecosystem.

La Quebrada is a place with a lot of nature and living things. If one person goes, destroys it and then builds upon it, many different species would die. The ecosystem will be harmed and that space that was one of the most living places on our school will be gone. Not so much clean air for us and many other rewarding things nature can give us will be gone.

Friday, September 12, 2014

La Quebrada essay

My group went up to La Quebrada and recorded information about plants, animals and our ecosystem in general with the purpose of taking care of all the species of living things in La Quebrada plus stopping people from building things that would destroy it. This information has the different species of small plants, trees and animals.
They walked up there to study all living things in La Quebrada, they made a Quadrat for counting how many plants are in that specific space. They graphed the common names and the scientific names of the plants, illustrated them graphed the abundance, the area of the Quadrat in m2 and the population density.
If there is a company or an individual person trying to start building there, it could kill thousands of species of animals and plants. That would destroy the sacred ecosystem that has La Quebrada to offer us.

In Table 1: They did a Quadrat for numerating the plants of that zone of the ground and to graph the types of plants that where there.

In Table 2: The tree analysis Quadrat, they used the height gauge to measure the trees in the Quadrat and record it in the table with abundance and the circumference of the tree.

Table 3: Percentage of dominant plants in each Quadrat and recorded the amount of the dominant specie of plants in there.

Table 4: Animal descriptions, My group saw spiders and ants, spiders interact with the trees, they build their home and the spider webs to grab their food for their living and sustainability.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Mapping madness

1) In my opinion the most important map in the activity was the road map, because you could see the best and safe areas for the tailed frog's needs and it was one of the most clear maps to see.
2) I chose these 3 areas because they had most of the things that the tailed frog needs in their habitat. Area 1 was the best one it doesn't have roads that affect the habitat and has almost every single thing that the frog needs.
3) In my Area 3 there could be less steaper streams, and maybe more space for the habitat by taking off roads and get more altitude. The others would need more a bit more forests and no steap streams.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buggin' out Debrief

My hypotesis proved this experiment right because the Air delayed the falling of the leaves to the Floor. I did my steps in orden so everything was right acording to my hypotesis. If I was to do the experiment again o would try to do It accuretely.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Warm Bodies

I think that zombies are alive because they respond to simuli in lots of ocations, according to the RINGER rule. They can feel, learn, react, think, eat and have a conversation and they also breath.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Orangutan

I chosed this animal because it is very cool, and really close to humans. The Orangutan is in extinction and they are decreesing fast.